Injuries can have a devastating impact on the lives of victims and their families. Time off from work, physical and emotional pain, medical bills, therapy bills, property damage – each one of these represents a huge burden for victims of someone else’s negligence or malfeasance. At Beverly Hills Attorney Group, our job is to do the legal heavy lifting while our clients focus on their recovery.Like most personal injury firms, we work on a contingency fee basis, meaning we don’t get paid until our clients have been compensated following a settlement or legal judgment. At the same time, our clients mean everything to us. As a boutique law firm, every individual who walks through our doors can depend on white-glove service. That means our clients are treated with the respect and care they deserve. With Beverly Hills Attorney Group, we do our best to make sure we are accessible to clients and that their needs are met.


Victims of serious accidents often wonder why they need the assistance of a law firm.  In most cases, it comes down to insurance companies who do everything they can to pay victims as little as possible. Often, insurance companies offer very low settlements to victims in hopes that the injured party will accept the small amount. Too many people take these initial offers because the sum may seem generous; they don’t know that they are a fraction of what they are entitled to under the law. Our job is to keep insurance companies and other responsible parties honest and to make our clients financially whole.At the same time, more than money is at stake. Traffic collisions are among the most terrifying and physically traumatic accidents that a person can experience; the thought of getting involved with the legal system may seem like too much to take on for someone dealing with recovery or, much worse, the loss of a loved one. The reality, however, is that dealing with finances is not optional and leaving money on the table is a mistake. At Beverly Hills Attorney Group, we take on the full burden of legal action so that we can minimize the stress associated with the process. That’s what we mean when we talk about white-glove service.


Uber or Lyft are companies with billions in assets to protect, so their drivers are covered by up to $1 million policies dependent on when the passengers are in the vehicle. This means that getting just compensation can be a great deal easier than if the same driver was in an accident but not connected with a ridesharing company. That doesn’t mean these cases are simple, however, but the Beverly Hills Attorney Group is more than up to the task.


Sometimes organizations and individuals manage their property poorly, subjecting visitors and/or employees to various hazards such as exposed electrical circuits, wet floors, or invisible rises in curbs and pathways. Slip and falls might sound somewhat minor, but a single fall can be enough to break bones and cause serious, long-lasting damage that can cause a victim to miss work, lose wages, and experience great pain and suffering. In the worst instances, a victim may be permanently disabled or even killed. Older individuals in particular can suffer the worst consequences following a fall.Under the legal principle known as premise liability, victims have a right to financial compensation in such circumstances. We are here to fight on your behalf in cases where the negligence of the owners or managers of a private or public area caused an injury.


Just as slip and falls can lead to horrible, and sometimes permanent injuries, dog bites – or the bite of any potentially dangerous pet – can have severe, disfiguring, and even fatal consequences. Moreover, careless owners who don’t properly control and care for their pets, perhaps even allowing an unvaccinated animal to roam freely, may be exposing others to dangerous illnesses, including rabies.If you’ve been badly injured in an attack by a dog or other pet while in public or while being legally present in a private residence or business, we may be of assistance. Our firm will fight hard to ensure that irresponsible pet owners and their insurers are held responsible for their negligence so you can be fully compensated for all of your losses


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